Frequently Asked Questions

Product information

  • What is the difference between the Obsidian and Phantom?

Other than the obvious difference in color, the Obsidian and Phantom paddles differ in their face material. The Obsidian utilizes a Toray Raw T700 Carbon Fiber face, which provides exceptional performance and is a smooth transition coming from most other paddles. The Phantom also utilizes Toray Raw T700 Carbon Fiber but has a sand paint finish making the surface extra gritty. The added weight and grit contribute to the ability to hit heavier balls while maintaining a soft touch. Both paddles have thermoformed edges to increase stability and the sweet spot. 

  • What is the difference between the Max and Classic versions?

The Max version is longer in both paddle length and handle length. 

  • Max Paddle Length (in): 17
  • Max Paddle Width (in): 7
  • Max Handle Length (in): 7

While the Classic is wider with less paddle and handle length.

  • Classic Paddle Length (in): 16.5
  • Classic Paddle Width (in): 7.5
  • Classic Handle Length (in): 6.25

Both versions are suitable for a two-handed backhand and have the same swing weight.

  • Are these paddles only meant for tennis players or people who use a two-handed backhand?

Not at all! Anyone looking for a high-performance paddle that looks great, feels great, and packs a punch will enjoy these paddles. Tennis players are just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Can I request a special weight for my OYA paddle?

Yes. Our Phantom models have a weight range from 8.1 - 8.8 ounces and we give the option to choose the lite (8.1-8.4 oz) or heavy (8.5-8.8 oz) version before adding to your cart (default is the lite version). If you would like a very specific weight, contact us and we can check if it's available. Our Obsidian models are 8.2 ounces. For intermediate to advanced players, we recommend you experiment with adding lead tape to the obsidian models if you're looking for a boost in power.

  • How long do these paddles last?

How long your OYA pickleball paddles last will depend on frequency and intensity of play but also how you care for it. But as with anything, there are wear and tear components. In general, paddles last from Six months to 2 years.

  • How do I take care of my OYA pickleball paddle?

Avoid extreme temperatures. Leaving your paddle in a hot or cold car for a long period of time can affect its performance and lifespan. The edge guard of your paddle can be cleaned with a glass cleaner and lint-free cloth and/or protected with an edge tape. Keep the surface clean by using a damp cloth and gently scrubbing away any dirt or residue along the paddle face. Graphics will wear over time but are not a determinant of the performance of your paddle.

  • Are OYA paddles in compliance with USAPA standards?

Rest assured OYA paddles are USA Pickleball approved and continuously maintain that status. Our company takes all possible means to ensure that our paddles meet all USA Pickleball requirements. 


  • Does OYA offer demo paddles?

We have demos available in the Twin Cities area but we do not yet have a nationwide demo program.


  • What payment methods does OYA accept?

OYA accepts Visa, American Express, Discover, and Mastercard credit cards as well as Apple Pay, Meta Pay, Shop Pay and Google Pay payments. 

  • Can I change my order?

Not likely, but you can try to contact us before it has been shipped and we will do our best to accommodate.


  • How much does delivery cost?

OYA is proud to offer free shipping to the contiguous US on orders greater than $50. We also ship to Canada and Australia but shipping prices will vary at checkout. Allow us 1-3 days to process your order and 1-2 weeks during busy periods.  We use UPS and USPS in the USA for domestic shipping and standard international postage. Both services provide tracking.  

  • How will I know my order has been shipped?

Once the transaction is completed, OYA will send you a confirmation email with a tracking number allowing you to track your package at each step prior to receipt.  

  • Are shipped items covered by insurance?

There is no insurance on shipping and items stated “Delivered” but not received by the client are not the responsibility of OYA. 

Pick up in person 

  • Is it possible to pick up my order in person?

International customers – No. 

United States customers - Yes. Simply email us at or call 612-567-3168 to get pick up details. Your order should be ready within 24 hours. Our warehouse is located in Minneapolis, MN. 

  • Can I pay for my order in person at the time of pick up?

No. All transactions with OYA require you to pay online. 

  • What should I bring when I pick up my order in person?

Please bring a printed copy of your invoice. An employee from OYA who will greet you and ask you to show photo identification. 

Anything Else?

  • You cannot find an answer to your question in our FAQ?

In this case, just use the form in the Contact Us section. We will respond as soon as possible.